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(Certificate in direct English)

CIDE (Certification in Direct English) to become confident and fluent English Speaker with perfect Grammar use and High end vocabulary in just 7 months.

Uk Authorized Certification Program

  • 2 Months Beginners to Understand Basics of Grammar and Get the Speaking skill

  • 2 Months Pre Intermediate to Get More Vocabulary and Fluency of 5 minutes Speaking skill. 

  • 3 Months Intermediate to Get the Fluency, Confidence over Writing and Speaking English. 


Become Certified English Speaker In 7 Months


Duration: (2 Months)
At the beginner level, individuals can grasp basic English phrases and engage in simple conversations.


Duration: (2 Months)
Progressing to the pre-intermediate level, learners can communicate more comfortably in everyday situations.


Duration: (2 Months)
At the intermediate level, individuals demonstrate a solid grasp of English.


 (Become a confident public speaker) 

         PUBLIC SPEAKING  (Become confident public speaker) 

        Public speaking: Your communication skills will be improved and you will be able to speak even in          front of huge crowds confidently and fearlessly

        What you will get ?
Face to Face Training
         Confidence-Building Strategies
         Expert Guidance
         Certificate of Completion





Become A Confident Public Speaker In Just 3 Months

Public Speaking:

Duration: 3 Months
Step into the world of public speaking, where you'll learn to express ideas confidently and communicate effectively in various situations.

Develop techniques to overcome nervousness and present with ease.


Master the art of delivering impactful presentations that leave a lasting impression.


(Preparation In IELTS)

Get IELTS Training from our Internationally Certified Trainers. Boost your vision to achieve the support of Eureka's Team. 

What you will get ?

Face to Face Training

UK Cambridge Learning Material

Sperate Module for Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. 

mock test

FREE Spoken Classes . 

ielts box png.png

Achieve Your Desired Band Wtih Ease & Speed 

Crash Courses Available

(4 Weeks)

(6 Weeks)

(8 Weeks)

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